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The move back to SCF

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I will be the first to admit that I have been sucking the Beckett tit for a while. However; after their recent announcement, that stated will be charging people to use the online organizer I am done with them. I am now committing myself to Sportscardforum and another trading site. How can beckett possibly think that this is going to work??? and even better than that we get to all watch them crash and burn in their sea of misery they created for themselves. Needless to say we will be seeing alot more traders come thru that have also been sucking the beckett tit. I was personally ready for a change in scenery if you will. This site is so well organized, all the way down to making it easy to find your threads or organize your cards. The trading system on here is practically flawless. Bottom line is I am looking forward to doing hundreds of trades on here. I love the site, community, and traders. :Sigh: