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FL Henry

The Post Office

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I completely understand that people are different. People can have a bad day. People have the same stress and demands on them that I have. As such, I try to give people the benefit of the doubt if, for whatever reason, I have a bad experience with them.


I have been going to my local post office for over ten years and I never fail to be amazed how little interest the people working there seem to have in providing even a modicum of customer service. Don't get me wrong; I am nowhere near expecting a smile, a kind word, or a thank you. I'd settle for the person who is helping to simply look at in my general direction while we were completing the transaction.

I am sure there are people with great post offices so I am not trying to make the blanket statement that all post offices are unpleasant.


The post office does carry a general stereotype that one would think the post office would not necessarily want to perpetuate. Instead, the closest post office to me for miles seems like it wants to be the poster child for everything wrong with customer service.

Sadly, it seems my post office wants to be the poster child for everything that has gone wrong in terms of general decency in today's society.