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A Busy June 21st

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Just thought I'd leave a few notes of things going on for a busy June 21st, the first day of Summer 2011.

Broke a few boxes yesterday, lots of sorting to do to update my inventory, big memorabilia auction closing tonight so I'll be up really late, didn't sleep much so I'm already tired and the sun is shining right now.

I'll detail the box breaks with the decent pulls on my next blog 'box break' update including the Taylor Hall RC Auto !

Picked up several Retail boxes and Blaster boxes yesterday concentrating mostly on 07-08 to 09-10 because of the interest in Stamkos, Toews, Tavares and Duchene. I did pick up a sealed case of 05-06 Ultra Blasters because of the Crosby-Ovie RC syndrome. Panini All Goalies case coming tomorrow as we had to make alternate shipping arrangements because of Canada Post. Sure wish they would pick up the additional shipping cost for me but that is a rant for a future blog posting