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Honesty and Deception

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Well I think I've been rather nice for most of my blog entries but after a lengthy discussion with a customer of mine who was rather off at a flea market card hack I decided it is time to vent

The cards in my store are always posted with the current Beckett pricing and without exception I don't mark them up. Cards that don't have a published price because of scarcity are priced based on comparisons with similar cards and thirty-five years of experience. PERIOD.

So the idea that someone knowingly prices cards above Beckett in the hopes of making a few extra bucks or trying to make it look like he is giving you a deal when he knocks 10% off the price is to me deception and to put it bluntly nothing but being a f**king crook. Guys like this are the reason our great hobby gets a bad rap all the time. Unfortunately this clown isn't the only one doing this as I have seen and heard several others doing it.

It is so funny that when you catch a seller doing this he gets defensive and makes you out to be the bad guy because you actually know the book price. The people I feel sorry for are those who don't study the Beckett or are amateur card collectors and don't know any better and get taken advantage of. Sellers who pull this s**t ought to be taken into a field and shot.

There is no excuse for this kind of ripoff and whenever someone brings a card in and tells me who they bought it from and what they said I just shake my head. Perhaps a shovel would be better and some rubber boots.

"Based on market conditions" is a pretty fancy way of saying that Beckett pricing the card at $50 is wrong and I need to make more money so "based on market conditions" you can tell someone it is $60. I am pretty sure that is why we use the Beckett because it gauges market conditions and sets the values as a guide for us to use. YOU ARE A CROOK. PERIOD