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FS Hank Aaron auto'd baseball JSA

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Lowered price, NEED to sell!!

I am looking to sell my recently acquired Hank Aaron baseball b/c I don't need two. It is not an official Major League ball though. It is an Official League ball but it does not say Made in China on it anywhere. I believe it may be one of the ones made in Haiti back in the day of the NL/AL league balls that were also made in Haiti. It was signed awhile ago and has not faded at all, and is certified by JSA. I am looking for $85dlvd which is less than what I have in it so I will lose some money as it is, but I may negotiate if you make a fair offer.
I will consider trading it for a ball or two w/ the same resale value. They must be authenticated though.

Hi! Is the Hank Aaron ball still available? If so, I'd LOVE to trade or buy.