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January Results

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Ok, these are the results from the month of January in meeting the goals for 2012.

  • 62 total The Bench trades + 104 total SCF trades = 166 total trades. 34 trades over the remaining 11 months, which averages to just over 3 trades/month. This is going smoothly. I have 5 pending trades (and it's only the first week of February), so upon completion I'm ahead of schedule for February.
  • Nil 90's hockey inserts completed to date. I counted that I have 20 hockey inserts sets from the 90's that require 5 or less cards to complete. I almost had a trade worked out to take care of a couple of the insert sets, but it fell through which I'll talk about at a later posting.
  • 2008 UD X base set and die cuts - I received 1 of the 4 base cards that I needed in a trade during the month. I will be receiving the other 3 base cards during February as part of another trade and some die cuts. So this is progressing nicely
  • Organizing my player collections - nothing done yet. Oh well, one of these days...
  • Organizing the OPC 08/09 retro - another nothing done yet.
  • World Series cards - I picked up a few 2011 Cardinals and Rangers in a couple of trades. I've got a few more which should arrive in February. The excellent news is that I did make a transaction during January for some Topps Traded cards from various years which I required for the World Series collection. I've rarely seen anybody have these available on the sportscard trading sites, so I'm happy to be able to pick up these cards. I believe that this person made available single cards from boxed sets.
So, overall, there is some progress being made on my 2012 goals.

Until next time - all the best in collecting!!