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An Item from The Upper Deck Blog

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A recent article posted on the Upper Deck blog got the hair on the back of my neck to stand up. Almost sent chills going up and down my spine. I sent a response to Upper Deck regarding this article because it pissed me off I know it won't go anywhere or result in anything because greed rules and common sense and honesty don't matter. What I said is posted below and I believe it 100% but I have removed the store name for obvious reasons.

I wanted to let you know that I was absolutely disgusted by the blog posting involving Universal Distribution and an 'unnamed store' asking questions involving opening a store in the hobby in today's market. For starters to ask this 'unnamed store' is like asking Bonnie and Clyde to answer questions on investing money in banks. This 'unnamed store' is held in such contempt by most people involved outside of the distribution chain because of how they got where they are. They are not a success story nor are they qualified to answer any questions regarding anything other then how to circumvent the system and questionable business practices. To think that that is who Universal would ask about something like this is disturbing on many levels.