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It's live...

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Yes ITG's Superlative Bleu, Blanc et Rouge has truly arrived. It was released on Friday and without even trying, I have seen 10 breaks on the net so far. Yup, that's 1% of the product already busted.

Break range from awesome to a bit hard to swallow but overall it does look like a solid product. I just cannot wait to receive my book! However, Roy cards are being pulled left, right and centre...will there be any left for me?

Thankfully, Tony pulled the modern base and sold it to me so I can at least say that I have one of them but I would love to get my hands on one of those decades cards or complete package...time will tell. Hurry up postal system!!!!

I'm glad I am not a vintage collector as many of those were chasing the paper cut Dryden auto which was pulled this week end at the All Star game show in Montreal. Le hasard fait bien les choses n'est-ce pas?

If you do happen to pull any Roys from your own book, please please please let me know if you intend to trade/sell.

Thanks and good breaks to all!



  1. Enigma's Avatar
    Yeah...good thing that Tony guy has Roy VooDoo for you...