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My NFL HOF Autograph Collection

The NFL Hall of Fame

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It has been a long journey trying to college autographs of all of those that reside in the NFL HOF and while I have amassed a large amount, there are still plenty to go...and many of them very expensive. I figured this would be a good way to update people on who I am still looking for and as well as a way to show my new pickups. Below, you will find a list of all those I am still in search for. Most of them do not have anything besides PSA/DNA autographs, which are more than welcome.

  • Allen, George

  • Bidwell, Charles
  • Buoniconti, Nick
  • Butler, Jack

  • Carr, Joseph
  • Chamberlin, Guy

  • Davis, Al
  • Doleman, Chris
  • Driscoll, John "Paddy"

  • Edwards, Albert Glen "Turk"

  • Finks, Jim
  • Ford, Len
  • Friedman, Benny

  • Guyon, Joe

  • Henry, Pete
  • Herber, Arnie
  • Hewitt, Bill
  • Kennedy, Cortez
  • Kiesling, Walt
  • Lambeau, Earl "Curly"
  • Leemans, Alphonse "Tuffy"
  • Lyman, William Roy "Link"
  • Mara, Tim
  • Marshall, George Preston
  • McNally, John "Blood"
  • Neale, Earle "Greasy" (Incoming)
  • Owen, Steve
  • Pollard, Fritz (No certified autographs.)
  • Ray, Hugh "Shorty"
  • Thomas, Emmitt
  • Thorpe, Jim
  • Tunnell, Emlen

Below is a list of those that I am still looking to upgrade. It means I do have an autograph of them, but would really love to get an upgrade of them:

  • Bethea, Elvin (Topps HOF Autograph)
  • Buchanan, Buck (Cut Auto)
  • Dawson, Dermontti (Jersey or Patch Autograph or On Card)
  • Kelly, Jim (2006 NT HOF Greatness Autograph/GU)
  • Kelly, Leroy (Jersey or Patch Autograph)
  • Langer, Jim (Any Autograph - Even Leaf/Razor)
  • Madden, John (Topps HOF Autograph)
  • McDaniel, Randall (Certified Auto - None released as of yet.)
  • Michalske, Mike (Certified Cut Auto)
  • Schmidt, Joe (On Card Autograph)
  • Schramm, Tex (Cut Autograph)
  • Slater, Jackie (Jersey or Patch Autograph OR Certified On Card Autograph)
  • St. Clair, Bob (Cut Autograph)
  • White, Reggie (Jersey or Patch Autograph)
  • Wilson, Ralph (Certified Autograph - Only a 1/1 from Sports Kings)
  • Van Brocklin, Norm (Cut Autograph)
  • Zimmerman, Gary (Topps HOF Autograph)

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  1. K.Pop's Avatar
    I must say this has been one of the most fun and amazing collection to follow.
  2. wju2004's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by K.Pop
    I must say this has been one of the most fun and amazing collection to follow.
    Glad you're enjoying! I have number 252 incoming...and what a beauty it will be! I'll be updating my thread once it comes in. Definitely one of the best cut autographs I have ever seen.