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Why Do You Card Collect? My Process Of Quitting.

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When I was about 11, I became obsessed with the NFL. I have played soccer my whole life and still do (currently a freshman in high school and on varsity) but there was something about football that I loved. As I got into it more and more and began playing Madden, I learned about many new players. My favorite was Charles Tillman. I then went about buying packs, trying to get a card of my favorite player. It was EXTREMELY addicting and at this point I didn't even no game used cards existed, let alone autographs so I was ecstatic if I pulled a Tom Brady Topps Base card :P. As I grew older, I realized base cards were worth nothing and ordered a few cheap no name players off ebay with my Dad. (These were game used) I was now hooked and busted packs and ordered cards whenever I could. For about 2 months last year, it became an addiction basically. I bough cards too expensive like a Cam Newton autograph card for 70 with no parental permission. I would put the money in a pwe and meet the mailman on the street and the return address was to my friend's house where I picked it up around a week later. Yes, this does sound sad. I wasn't a loser at all though, I had a lot of friends at school, a girlfriend and my sporting career was going well, but when I got home all I good think about was cards, I put off my homework ad my grades dropped. That's when I decided to quit once and for all. I quit my you tube channel (which was fairly successful; link will be below) and left this site and shut down my ebay for good. Since I stopped, my life has been more enjoyable and less stressful. Card collecting is a VERY time consuming and addicting hobby. If it isn't fun for you anymore, you take a break or quit. Trust me, it's better without it.
*This is probably poorly written and I left A LOT of details out and since it's so late at night, I don't even have the time to reread and edit it...Anyways sorry for the bad writing and pease comment why you collect down below.*


  1. yazfan71's Avatar
    I collect because I enjoy it, plain & simple. What you describe about it being a very time consuming & expensive hobby can be said for pretty much everything in life. The point of a hobby though is to relieve stress, not create it. What you have to remember is that the important things in life come first. I would never put my wife, kids or grandkids before my hobby, but everyone needs some time in their life for themselves. My bills get paid, my family doesn't go without, so why shouldn't I be able to spend what little my budget will allow on something I enjoy. If this is truly a hobby to you, then you know it's not a race & the value of any part of it can't be set by what someone else prints in a book. This has been my hobby on & off for 35 years & I hope & pray that I get another 35 years to enjoy it! I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors, whatever they may be.

    Take care,
  2. mooneyes's Avatar
    I agree if it becomes an addiction, which of course causes stress, the opposite of fun, and spending more than you can afford, more stress, than yes by all means let it go...all hobby's require a balance/budget...and a high school kid doesn't have a lot of disposable income as it is! I have found that once I collected enough variety of cards, and could trade what I didn't want for what I did, than it really became becomes a lot more fun to be able to trade for a card you like on a site like this than have to buy it. and it is not just in receiving a card you want, Bruins or Ovy for me, but helping someone else with their pc wants in the process feels good as well!
    The trading aspect of the hobby is what has really made it a much more enjoyable hobby for me, as it brings a social aspect to the hobby, and it makes opening the mailbox more enjoyable!! Even though you know what is coming, it still feels like opening a present to me!
  3. baylor1965's Avatar
    I've been collecting since I was a little boy and it is such a great hobby. Looking back at my collections of heroes past always give me a smile.

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