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Steals Update 2

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$138.71 month to date profit (21 days).

SOLD the RG3 within an hour of having it on ebay. Only had the card in my possession for 2 hours before flipping. So sad, it's an awesome card, but too risky to hold onto. Got $350 dlvd. That's my biggest profit yet, but ebay of course will take fees to make it a little less exciting.

Still $24.99 in the hole on the Jim Kelly/Stabler/Dilfer triple auto plaque. I thought it would be a home run as well and I'm still trying to get $50 as I know it's worth right around that much. I'll trade it on SCF if I can't find a buyer. One actually sold for $125 not too long ago on ebay! boo!


  1. palmdesertcards's Avatar
    great stuff!
  2. supercamnewton1's Avatar
    Keep updating on your ebay steals this is a pretty cool series i might start one Good luck with your future endeavor
  3. xposipx's Avatar
    thanks guys!