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Steals Update 3

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To add onto the August list, I picked up a Barry Sanders Hall of Gold Auto /10 from Gold Standard 2011 for $95 dlvd on ebay. This one may not end up being an easy profitable flip and I may keep it because it looks amazing. Sanders cards of that quality go from $90-$160 which is a crazy range.

It should be here next week. I saw one on ebay sell for $145 BIN and if I can't flip it for $40-50 profit, it may turn into a PC card.

My profit for the month still sits at $138.71 (-10% in fees).

The Kelly/Stabler/Dilfer STILL remains unsold and I will be lowering the price to $40 BIN soon and may fish it around for trades as well on SCF.


  1. Styles Clash's Avatar
    Ah you got it huh? I was watching it and almost bid on it. I seen it when he ran it the first time for $199 it obo. Nice card man congrats.
  2. xposipx's Avatar
    Yeah I had a snipe run on it and got it at my max bid. Can't wait to see it in person. Gotta love when someone lists a card without the simple letters "auto" or "autograph"