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Steals Update 4

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Still sitting on the Barry Sanders Hall of Gold /10 Auto I got for $95 dlvd. Not looking like it was as good of a buy as I thought.

I did score this lot for $4.49 dlvd:

Kept 2 cards for PC and sold the rest as a lot for $12 dlvd. making a profit of $7.51. I kept the Williams patch and Kearse auto and substituted a Kearse auto from my PC that I did not like as much. Also added a couple of commons to make it an even 10 card lot.

My biggest September score so far is a Sam Bradford Contenders auto for $64.00 dlvd. I flipped it the day of arrival for $99.00 dlvd. Profit: $35.00.

I also bought a Justin Blackmon Ultimate Draft Insciptions auto /25 for 19.99 dlvd and plan to flip it next week for $40-50.

Also picked up a couple of PC "seals". Christian Okoye 2008 Donruss SIlver Sigs auto for $3.74 dlvd. Also a Marcus Allen press pass saturday sigs auto for $11.59 dlvd. Also, a Bob Hayes 2000 GOTG on card auto for $66 dlvd as a gift for my dad.

Sept. Profit on flips only: $42.51 (19.99 card planning to sell for 40-50 pending, Sanders paid $95 pending)


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