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Donruss Hard Hats

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Hi all, this is my first blog on here so bear with me please. About a 2 months ago I picked up a card that at the time was a throw in and pure tradebait, a 1999 Donruss Prefered QBC Hard Hats Dan Marino /3000. These would have come out a couple of years after I quit collecting as a kid so I had no idea about the set (size, players, rarity, ect) or any attachment to them, asthetic or sentemental. The marino had sat in my bucket for quite a while with only a couple bites, I thought it was quite wierd for such a nice card. The more I looked at the card though, the more I fell in love with it, as a kid any acetate card was like gold and this one would have taken the cake back in my middle school days. After a while I decided to check out lots and other auctions/sales for them, just to see who was in the set...... completely unaware that Panini had brought them back this year in Elite.

Well, the second I found this out I went to find a 20checklist to see if any of the the Broncos draft picks were included. As I browsed the checklist I realized that I didnt want JUST the Osweiler, or the Hillman, or the Richardson, or the RG3........ I want them ALL! Its funny how one throw in card a couple of months ago can turn into the most ambitious set chase I have EVER gone on, not just the 1999 set, or the 2012 set, but both! With a couple of big name rookies in the 2012 set and many more with the ability to become a top tier player it will be a very hard endeavor for me, but with a little Luck (pun intended), and a lot of help from the great traders Ive met through the years Ive started slowly chipping away at my bigger wants. I recently picked up Vinny Testaverde and Kordell Stewart (CU alum, and my favorite player from the Buffs) 1999 Hard Hats, so 3 down, 92 left to go.... thats not too many, right?

Thanks for the read, its always fun to share stories of how you started collecting certain sets/players/teams. :)