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2012 Rookies & Stars Rookie Crusade Collection

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While I've halted on football I am still attempting to complete this set, you can see the cards I currently own in my bucket:
[B][S]1 Doug Martin [/S]
[S]2 Chris Givens[/S]
[S]3 Michael Floyd[/S]
[S]4 Lamar Miller[/S]
[S]5 Russell Wilson[/S]
[S]6 Mohamed Sanu [/S]
[S]7 Kendall Wright[/S]
[S]8 A.J. Jenkins[/S]
[S]9 Trent Richardson [/S]
[S]10 Robert Griffin III[/S]
[S]11 Alshon Jeffery [/S]
[S]12 Andrew Luck[/S]
[S]13 Ryan Broyles[/S]
[S]14 Nick Foles [/S]
[S]15 Coby Fleener[/S]
[S]16 Ryan Tannehill[/S]
[S]17 LaMichael James [/S]
[S]18 Stephen Hill[/S]
[S]19 Nick Toon[/S]
[S]20 Brandon Weeden[/S]
[S]21 Justin Blackmon[/S]
[S]22 Michael Egnew[/S]
[S]23 Rueben Randle[/S]
[S]24 Brock Osweiler[/S]
[S]25 David Wilson[/S]
[S]26 Robert Turbin[/S]
[S]27 DeVier Posey [/S]
[S]28 Bernard Pierce[/S]
[S]29 Ronnie Hillman[/S]
[S]30 Isaiah Pead [/S]
[S]31 T.J. Graham[/S]
[S]32 Brian Quick[/S]
[S]33 Dwayne Allen[/S]
[S]34 Joe Adams[/S]
[S]35 Jarius Wright[/S][/B]

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  1. TheCardBandit's Avatar
    If anyone has any of the cards I need I'll be happy to trade or if the price is right, purchase.... k thnx!