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Steals Update 6

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November is over and it has been tough to keep up with ebay during this time of year.


$2.64 valiant lot:

I sold every card from the Valiant lot except the Kiel rookie. All of them were inserted into an ebay lot except the lindley which sold for a whopping $27.25 dlvd. I got roughly $2 a piece for the rest. Rough Total: $32.25 sold while keeping one for PC.

$20.41 dlvd got me an earl campbell auto and tom brady goal post relic.

I sold the Campbell for $30.34 dlvd
I put the brady in a lot with the valiant cards and got about $13 for it roughly even though it was damaged and I sold it as "damaged".
Total $43.34

I also picked up a Michael Vick 2002 SPx auto for $6.80 dlvd and will try to get about $17-20 dlvd out of it. I could hold onto it too and wait for next year.

Aug. Profit: $138.71 (-10% fees on all)
Sept. Profit: $72.51 (-10% fees on all)
Oct. Profit: $0. (Didn't have time to check ebay)
Nov. Profit: $52.54 (Vick Pending still) (-10% fees on all)


  1. xposipx's Avatar
    Sold the Vick for 20.99 dlvd

    Nov. Profit: $66.73