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Looking for these Topps base

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'08 Topps 12 Kellen Clemens- Jets, 95 Larry Johnson- Chiefs, 156 Roydell Williams- Titans, 246 Shaun Phillips- Chargers, 347 Rashard Mendenhall Steelers, 363 Desan Jackson Eagles

'09 Topps 46 Glenn Holt- Vikings, 175 Chris Johnson- Titans, 334 Alphonso Smith- Broncos, 339 Austin Collie- Colts, 362 Demtrius Byrd- Chargers, 375 Percy Harvin- Vikings, 398 Manual Johnson- Cowboys, 400- LeSean McCoy

'11 Topps 186 Jerricho Cotchery- Jets, 227 Anquan Boldin- Ravens, 372 Louis Murphy- Raiders

Let me know if you can help. Thanks.


  1. alhill37's Avatar
    I might have some of these I can check my cards tomorrow once i get off work.
  2. NateCashMoney's Avatar
    I'll check out mine and see if I can help you out.