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Young (And Cheap) Players To Invest In: Tips Included!

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Currently, the NFL has many young, exciting and cheap prospects. Many of these prospects will probably become future superstars. Here are a few examples off the top of my head:
-Nick Foles (Believe he will become a great player)
-Vontaze Burfict (Only 22, will be around for a LONG time)
-AJ Green (Already a stud, but his his autos are still somewhat cheap...)
-David Wilson (LeSean McCoy 2.0 ... awesome upside)

These are just a few examples, but there are obviously MANY more players out there, each with a shot at becoming the next star.


1. Watch the players in ACTUAL games! My two biggest investments so far have been through Russell Wilson & Victor Cruz. I saw Cruz play in pre season against the Jets where he completley torched them. Got his contenders auto on ebay for $6! Also, living in Seattle was probably an advantage as I heard in all the newspapers how good Russell was looking in practice, and then I watched a preseason game of his, where I was impressed. Snagged a nice auto of his off ebay for roughly $11 the next day!

2. Watch a lot of college ball and it will become who has got what it takes.

3. Don't spend over $25 on an "unknown" prospect.

4. Read scouting reports. If a players biggest downside is his attitiude, he's better to invest in than a player with not great upside or physical upside.

Thanks for reading my first post in my series, will now be trying to upload often!


  1. nicktv08's Avatar
    I wouldn't consider AJ Green a "prospect".

    Hes already a No. 1 receiver on the Bengals and a pretty big name in football. "Prospect" doesn't really apply.

    I do agree with you though, that some of his autos are too cheap for how good the guy is.
  2. RG3NFL's Avatar
    yeah I know, that one was definatley a stretch, but ya it's crazy some are going for like 30 bucks when I believe he is the #2 wr in the NFL and is still pretty young at like 24 I believe?? anyway thanks for the comment