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Some Updates & New PC Coming!

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Hey guys coming at you with I think my 7th blog entry? Anyways quite a few things to bring up today, but lets get started with a new potential PC. Will probably be starting a PC on Alfred watching this guy play, absolute beast. Although I'm a Hawks fan, the man was destroying us the fi[COLOR=#000000][/COLOR]rst half. Love his tough running style, and can't wait to see him and RG3 together in the future, as it was an amazing game! If you guys have anything of him, mainly autos please lmk or check my bucket, which should be in my signature. On to some notes/random stuff:
[I][U][B][SIZE=3][COLOR=#ff0000]Interesting Info:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][/U][/I][/CENTER]

1. Posted this thread ( will be listed below ) about SCF Vs Blowout, and like I was expecting, most everyone said SCF...but turn to page 4 I believe, and you will see some guy named Haiku or something apparentley stared a famous scam here on SCF. If anyone has any details on him please lmk on that as well. Good have gotten the name wrong. Link below

2. Please check out my You Tube channel! Can't post a link on the blog because I'm on my school laptop, but link should be in my signature. :)

3. Mondays usually suck, but National Championship tonight!!!:love0030: Predicting a Bama win, but closer than most people would think. Going Bama 21-17.

4. Also do you guys think RG3's injury was on Shanahan? I believe it was, pretty obvious in my eyes that Cousins would give them a better shot at a W!
Looks like that's alll for today folks, please keep following my blog, as I now post daily!!!:winking0071:


  1. jaybird_1981's Avatar
    Haiku did not run a huge scam on SCF. You should do some fact checking before you post stuff.
  2. RG3NFL's Avatar
    Um can you read what I said...? Honestly feel like you're always picking on me and making assumptions. I pretty much asked a question and posted a link to a discussion on it so seriously idk what your problem is, really getting annoying. I suppose I'll be banned for this too?
  3. RG3NFL's Avatar
    [QUOTE=jaybird_1981;bt2405]Haiku did not run a huge scam on SCF. You should do some fact checking before you post stuff.[/QUOTE]

    el oh el
  4. jaybird_1981's Avatar
    You aren't going to get banned for this all I am saying is you shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet.

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