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Loooooonnnnnggggg day of school today. Tons of projects due this week and super stressed for finals next week...:tongue0020:Anyways, at least it's a long weekend thanks to Martin Luther King Jr! Nothin better than watching playoff football on a Sunday knowing no school the next day! I believe this year it's between the Pats & 9ers...Patriots winning in the Super Bowl.

-RG3 won the ROY award today I believe, personally believed Wilson deserved it but hats off to RG3, amazing player, him Luck, Wilson & Morris all deserved a share of it IMO.

-Ravens LB called out the Pats and that obviously didn't help them...Stupid thing to do/say. Especially about that spygate crap. Hope someone jacks the idiot up.

-Believe there is a new breed of NFL QBs coming into the league. We now have RG3, Kaepernick, Newton & Wilson who are considered dual threats. Don't forget we have the likes of Geno Smith & Teddy Bridgewater entering this league soon too. These guys are arguably the future of the NFL and I suggest you pick some of their card up now!

*If you have a You Tube channel, please leave a link of it in the comments, looking to watch some new you tubers, and I feel there would be a lot of good ones on SCF.*

That's all for today, stay tuned for another blog tomorrow!!!


  1. UK_wildcat77's Avatar
    How do we get cards of Bridgewater and Smith now?? Last I checked, PressPass & Sage had not been released.
  2. RG3NFL's Avatar
    Sorry, should have been more clear, I mean for the future and how they'll be in a similar class as the likes of RG3, RW3 & Kaepernick.:winking0071: