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long time autograph seeker, new to cards? did i already get the shaft?

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I recently started buying hobby boxes and bought a 2012/13 artifacts box and pulled a 1/1 auto dual tag/patch pavel datsuk I was told its value was $200 to $400.. I took $275 and a artifacts hobby box.. the only thing I had to go by was a ebay brett hull card that was list as $599 obo.. I think I took a hard learning curve here?


  1. Aknot's Avatar
    IMO a 1/1 is a collector thing. You cant really put a price on it to the degree that you could use that price across the board. Meaning I would pay (if I had the money) a lot more for a Dan Marino 1 of 1 then say a collector of Michael Vick. However if you can only find a Michael Vick collector you can only go by what he (or she) has to offer.

    This 'hobby' is multi faceted. You have people (like me) that collect a team/player/sport etc and are in it ONLY for the enjoyment of the chase/collection. You have others that just want to turn cards over for a profit. etc.

    So what you first need to do is figure out why YOU are buying cards/boxes/packs. From that you should be the only one to decide if you took a hard learning curve. Maybe you pulled a nice card for your collection from that 2nd Hobby box? Maybe that $275 helped you buy "x" for yourself that you always wanted?

    Maybe you did get taken to the bank. Only YOU can make that decision on a card such as a 1 of 1.

    Again this is my opinion.
  2. tradingspades02's Avatar
    I agree with Aknot. Im currently trying to sell an RG3 1/1. And im getting offers all across the board. I happen to hold it to the higher end value due to the uniquness of the card. but other traders just see a bottom line dollar value. It's all subjective. Its part of the reason i love this hobby so much.

    1/1's are a headache for sure though. I don't know that i've ever sold or traded one feeling 100% certain that i got the true value out of it.
  3. jay63rd's Avatar
    Thanks for your insight, I agree with you 100% I am still trying to figure out what I really want out of hobby box/card collecting. Not sure if I want to start at the moment with a pc collection or just looking for hits, so your logic is pretty sot on, Thanks...
  4. jay63rd's Avatar