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Arizona IP Success

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Hey guys! I wanted to start listing the autos that I got IP at the D-Backs games. The first game I went to this year was against the Pirates and I got Andrew McCutchen on a 2012 Topps card. A Charlie Nagy auto on a 1988 topps card. Then the next game I went to was against the Rockies and I got a career high for me! The first one I got was Ian Kennedy on a 2013 topps card. Then I got Wade Miley on a 2013 topps card I noticed the Rox were signing so I ran over there and got Jordan Pacheco on a 2013 tops card ran back to the dugout and got Didi Gregorius on a 2013 tops card and last but not least I got Gerrado Parra on 2 cards one from 2012 and the other from 2013. Will post more as soon as I can!!

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