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Looking for some advice

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Ok my site is here: the front page is pretty self explanatory. However the link to my 'bucket' may need some work.

I have every NFL team sectioned out along with 'star' players. I also have a section that includes Game Used and Autographs. However I kind of started putting GU/AU into the team sections to kind of point people there.

I was thinking of moving all the GU/AU into the players team at the time. OR Moving all the GU/AU that are in the team sections into the GU/AU sections.

As viewers of the site what do you think?



  1. adcgjh's Avatar
    In photobucket you can tag cards so they can go in multiple folders/sections. Is there anyway you can do that with this pentapix site? For me I collect certain players/teams so I would be looking in the players team folder. That's just me though..... Some people just collect AU/GU so that works better for others. It's a tough call...
  2. PoseyBuster's Avatar
    Ouch. My eyes.

    Honestly, simple= better.
  3. Aknot's Avatar

    It is laid out by team player or card type. How much simpler would you suggest? I changed the 'spacing' based on anothers feedback so maybe that is what you are referring to? I like it the old way and will switch it back later this week.
  4. whatnobeer420's Avatar
    I like the current way it is. My only thing is. Can you put card info with the pic like photobucket?
  5. Aknot's Avatar
    Thanks whatnobeer420 yes I can edit each or when it is added. I didnt do this at the beginning but have been adding info about serial numbers. I wish I had the time (or inclination) to add year/set/insert etc. :D
  6. whatnobeer420's Avatar
    I know how it is. I try and add all info,but theres only 24 hours in a day. Also no need to,people are only looking for the whos hot anyway!! LOL