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Last one. Real or Fake

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I am not too familiar with either signatures so any feedback about this item is appreciated.


  1. NY Sports Teams's Avatar
    The Hull looks good to me. Like you I'm not familiar with Mikita.

  2. 87sluggo's Avatar
    Mikita looks good to me.................

  3. demonhunter69's Avatar
    I agree with both. Authentic.
  4. cmbmls's Avatar
    The Hull looks pretty shaky, but his signature has gone downhill due to his age. I have seen pieces signed like this before and the inscription is what makes me believe this is real. The "G" in Goal is proper size and shape (I got an in-person "Golden Jet" where the G is identical), and the "th" in "50th" also matches what I have seen before. The Mikita looks crowded, but my gut says real as well.

    Based on this seller's profile, this appears to be inventory being liquidated from Da Sports Dugout, a card/memorabilia shop that was in business in Highland Park, IL (Chicago suburbs) until early 2011. My guess is this stuff was signed in 2010 before they closed up shop.

    Hope this helps.