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Anyone got any information on the ebay seller thehockeyvault?

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Was thinking about getting a photo but just wanted to see if anyone on here has dealt with him before


  1. cmbmls's Avatar
    I have bought a couple things from him before. His name is Bob Vitt, and when I dealt with him he sold under a different ebay name (hockeybobstlouis). I believe his dad or uncle was a hockey photographer, and covered the St. Louis Blues, because he has the negatives to some really nice unpublished in-game photos. He also used to do memorabilia shows in/around St. Louis pretty regularly. Good product, and legit autographs (via those shows). Prices can be all over the map, and in my experience he was a little disorganized, and slow to ship. Always came through, but at times wore on my patience.

    Hope this helps.