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new user from cleveland......

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Hello everyone I'm a new user from Cleveland. I've have been collecting for 30 years. I have been to 22 national conventions and about 50 other out of state shows. I collect everything Cleveland and I collect press/wire photos Gretzky items, lou Gehrig items and a lot of ttm autographs and in person autographs. If anyone is from Ohio or would like to give me any pointers or tips it much appreciated. My uncle taught me collect what you like, not what others like or what's hot. Collect something that catches your eye no matter if its a quarter or $1000 bucks, you have to appreciate it.


  1. don sanford's Avatar
    PM sent through site
  2. *censored*'s Avatar
    Glad to see a fellow Cleveland 'grapher on SCF. Painesville native here, living in Texas.