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Well the past few weeks I have had good success with TTM. I received cards back from Josh Harrison (2), Jim Leyland (1 of 4), Brock Holt (2), Sidney Crosby, and Jim Duffalo (1). I think that's is it.............don't have my list in front of me.

The Jim Duffalo was a great one for me personally, He played back in the 60's and he is from the town I was born in. I normally collect Pittsburgh Pirates players and local Western PA. players. I found his 1965 Topps card at a run down card shop near my home and saw that he was from DuBois PA so I had to get it. I decided to send out my one and only card of this player with the hopes I would get it back. And thankfully Mr. Duffalo signed it and sent it back.

The Jim Leyland was a great addition to my collection. He was my favorite manager as a child and still is my favorite. I was ok with getting one card out of four back. I am just happy I got one maybe I was being greedy asking for 4.

As far as the Harrison and Holt cards......they mean alot to me to because I saw both players play in the minors and they are great guys. Sidney Crosby sent me a 5 x 7 card with his auto on it with a letter stating thanks for the letter. I had someone look at it and they say its real so who knows.

Its been a slow go but at this point I believe I received Blass, Grilli, Fouts, Law, Holt, Crosby, Leyland, Duffalo, Harrison, and Van Pelt.


  1. buddyg13's Avatar
    I also received Sean Casey and Vern Law.