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Not a bad run lately

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Well folks I must say I am hooked on TTM. In the last few weeks I have had great success. Since last week I received the following players: Brandon Cumpton, Jin-De Jhang, Matt Curry, Jason Townsend, and Richie Hebner. I had one come back unsigned an that was Clint Hurdle but he did send a post card saying to donate money to get an auto. I think I will be doing that for sure. Also not a TTM auto but I did get do get Josh Harrison and Neil Walker in person signing.

God of I just love the Pirates and getting autos of the former and current players!

Well ill that's all I have for you all now. I think I need to find some old Pirates cards so I can send them out. Anyways if any of you that might read this know of any Buccos that are a sure thing message me.


  1. pittcardinals's Avatar
    hey, i was that Mercer seems like a good signer. i'm in pittsburgh too just starting out with the hobby.
  2. buddyg13's Avatar
    I have been waiting for Mercer to send something back. But I believe I may have to write him off. I sent to him last year and havent gotten any back sadly.