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Looking for Brad Marchand and Alex Killorn cards

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Hi everyone..was brought here by Thompson..told me this is the place to find cards we do not have of Brad Marchand and Alex Killorn...My 9 yr old son can't play hockey because of medical reasons so we went the collecting route instead..we are buyers so pls hit us up with any and all cards of said players,,,not to sure how to move around here yet..ti find cards,,but with alittle help maybe we'll find other cards we don't have..thanks for reading Mike


  1. CliffAnderson92's Avatar
    Welcome to SCF
    If you haven't already, you might want to check out I just did a quick check and they seem to have a lot of cards of Brad Marchand and Alex Killhorn. I've used COMC a few times to add cards to my baseball card collection, I like to think of it as the "Amazon" of sports cards.
  2. knightowl888's Avatar
    thanks very much for the info..will def check it out