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I have a habit of giving drivers, crew chiefs, wives, pit reporters, etc nicknames-I think its fun haha-so i figured id share the fun with all of you-and yes some of them will be their real nicknames-its just what ive referred to them as before-and no one get angry at me for any of em-its just what i find myself calling them or saying when they are on tv ha-so lets start shall we?

Note (this is in no way designed to be mean or hurtful-its all in fun)


Chandra Johnson=Chandelier
Ingrid=Belgian Waffle
DeLana Harvick=D, Kevin's Boss
Ella-Gordons little girl=OMG shes so cute haha-what i found myself sayin after the duels haha

Crew Chiefs:

Kevin Manion=Bono-duh haha.
Greg Zippadelli=Zippy-duh again.
Scott Zippadelli=Little Zippy lol
Greg Irwin=No real nickname-just wonder why he dont crew chief the irwin tool car haha
Steve Addington=Idiots Leader
Steve Letarte-Leotard
Donnie Wingo=no nickname-just find myself wondering if hes related to Trey Wingo from ESPN hahaha
Chad Knaus=Cheatin Chad-forever and always
Bob Osbourne=Bob-original huh-the occasional Bob-WTH was that call for comes out sometimes haha


Jack Roush=Cat in the Hat-obviously
Chip Ganassi=Shrek
Richard Childress=RC
Rick Hendrick=Moneybags, the Monopoly Guy
Red Bull Owner Dietrich Manzinitchitz=Austrian dude, that guy that dumped Allmendinger for Scott Speed, Diarhettic Man I gotta itch

TV People:

Kenny Wallace=Herman, KennaWallace-like John Roberts says it on raceday
Jimmy Spencer=Spenc, Meat Loaf, Mr Excitement, Misser Ecitmo haha
Wendy Venturini=Wendy!
Krista Voda=Vodafone
Dick Berggeren=Mr Magoo, and I always think of Chris Myers making fun of how old he is-the one today was classic-"Dick Berggeren is so old he was around when the Dead Sea was getting sick" hahahahaahahaha.
Jeff Hammond=Hollyood, Cowboy
Larry McReynolds=Larry Mac
Darrell Waltrip=DW, Jaws, The Boogity Guy, occasionally OMG Darrell be quiet!!!
Jerry Punch=Jerry-Im about to fall asleep with your lack of excitement about the race...
Jamie Little=that X Games Chick
Shannon Spake-Spakers, and my favorite Stumble Bubbles hahaha (copyright on that for me haha)

Ok Drivers:

Martin Truex Jr=Dale Jrs old teammate, usually i just call him Truex
Kurt Busch=DUI guy, Do you know who I am, The guy that got punched by Jimmy Spencer, Keebler Elf, Doofus
Dale Sr=Intimidator, Man in Black, Big E
Ward Burton=Marble Mouth
Mark Martin=Sharpay, Old Dude, Crazy old man
David Ragan=Wreckin Ragan-dont really apply anymore but I still call him that
Robby Gordon=no real nickname for him, somehow his name and trouble go together all the time LOL
Aric Almirola=Motorola-idk why haha
Kasey Kahne=Allstate Commercial guy, Dreamy Eyes Kahne
Denny Hamlin=Hambone, Grad Slam coutesy of Denny (s) LOL
Greg Biffle=Forever and Always-DA BIFF!
Matt Kenseth=Carls best
Joey Lagano=Sliced Bread, Burnt Toast, Crispy Waffle, Chopped Muffin, Roasted Biscuit, Cooked Pancake, ok im done now hahaahahaha
David Reutimann=Reut, Rotorooter, Beak
Tony Stewart=Smoke, TS, Hothead
Casey Mears=the forgotten one
Jeff Gordon-Gordo, Jeffy Poo, Jiffy, Whiner
Jamie McMurray=Jamie Mac, Big Mac
Kevin Harvick=Harv, Butthead, Smart***
Jeff Burton=the Mayor, JB
Jeremy Mayfield=Mayfly
Travis Kvapil=Waffle
Kyle Busch=Shrub, Idiot, Dumb***, Punk, Arrogant Little....LOL, many other things i wont repeat here
Daivd Gilliland=Gilligan
Ryan Newman=Rocketman, No Neck Newman
Juan Pablo Montoya=JPM, Weeble Wobbles, John Paul Montage
AJ Allmendinger=Wallmendinger, Dinger
Jimmie Johnson=Master of Puppets, PC Robot, Jucant Boremeanymore, JJ, my worst nightmare
Michael Waltrip=my guranteed caution every race
Sam Hornish Jr=Horny Toad
haha-ya know like Kenny Wallace does-i do that when i make fun of him
Bobby Labonte=B Lab
Paul Menard=Daddys Boy
Carl Edwards=Cousin Carl, Carl, and occasionally a WTH was that Carl?-like Talladega last fall lol.

ok thats it-haha hope you enjoyed my oddness

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  1. Shayne1911's Avatar
    Dick Berggeren is so old he was around when the Dead Sea was getting sick --- That made me laugh.

    I like all the ones for Joey. Funny. And Kyle.. yeah you better not repeat those things here :)