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The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

More PC Adds!

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Haven't updated with my PC additions in a while... I am only allowed 10 images a post :(

Here are the goods..

07/08 Upper Deck Rookie Class...not pictured...

I have two of these... been searching for one for a while... but now I have two! :)

So now I have that set completed... Jersey, number and patch

Gold... I also have the silver...

Been looking for this one for a long time too! I love the design of it..

Nice 3 coloured card...

What's wrong with it? Look at the swatches...
I have another one though...

Sucky patches.. but for the price I paid... I'll live

Thanks for looking!


  1. Enigma's Avatar
    Looks like good fire starter materials on a cold day....just kidding, they are not Senators cards.

    Very nice Houng....congrats on the additions...