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Two cards with same card number, same player, but different teams

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While trying to load an image of Baltimore Orioles B.J. Surhoff (Upper Deck 2000 SPx - Card #55), I noticed that an image was already inserted. However, it was B.J. Surhoff, but with the Braves. Now I don't have a problems with this except that the SCF listing only has one (1) space for card #55. Can anyone tell me how to add a second #55 to this listing? Or perhaps I simply missed a subset in the 2000 SPx series?


  1. BOCards's Avatar
    Never mind! I figured it out. There are two B.J. Surhoff cards in the 2000 SPx set .... #55 (Orioles) and #155 (Braves). Someone put the #155 image in the #55 space.