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I just don't get it, maybe someone can help me out with OBJ and the prices

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Earlier, I posted a little thing on Ronda Rousey and her first auto(1/1, not a printing plate) going for over $10K on ebay. Well, what I don't understand is why OBJ 1/1s are going for so high, even the 1/1s, when there are plenty of other ones out on the market in different variations. Plus, he has only had 1 season. Do I think he has potential? Yes, I do, but what if he gets hurt, or doesn't perform like he did last year? What if he gets into legal trouble like what we are hearing with some other big names? Then all that money, lets just say $500 on a 1/1 auto relic of him, goes down the drain. Now, here's a good example. A friend of mine on Instagram pulled this 1/1 Bowman Sterling Auto Relic Printing Plate of him, and listed it on eBay. In less than 1 DAY, the price the plate was at the time of the writing was at $649.99 with 71 bids *cough* The reserve is set at $650 *cough* My question is this, why are we spending ridiculous amounts of money on someone who has only been through their first season in the NFL and not legends who we know have value? Is it scarcity? Supercollecting? Hoping to god he performs and doesn't flop so you can hopefully make a profit in the end? I wanna hear everyone's opinion on this, but please no fighting, attacking, etc. This is to get everyone's minds thinking.


  1. Cpia's Avatar
    racinghy, I happen to agree with you.My only guess is supply and demand concept (at times). people want to buy that 1/1 card because there is only one. Older cards in vintage era pre 1986 were less produced than cards after 1986 . So there are a lot of jeter rcs out there(example) so it brings the value down because more supply is out there..Why is a kris bryant or Mike trout rc more than a jeter or griffey rc..? They are all exceptional players but trout and bryant have not completed their careers.
    All I can say is if you are going to spend 10k on a single card you have better options with your money. Enjoy card collecting. Have a great weekend. Chris
  2. clarky23's Avatar
    Forget complete....I'm a Cubs fan and gotta say why is Bryant so high when he hasn't STARTED his career. I normally don't read football here, but the Rousey (thinking, was she that girl with The Rock at WrestleMania??? yeah, also don't know MMA/UFC) going for 10K caught my eye. I had to click on the link just to know who OBJ is. But it boils down to if you have the money to spend (or the credit which I fear a lot of collectors are doing) on something like $700 on OBJ, then why not ask for it. Because I can almost guarantee the person who sells the $700 OBJ will spend $1000 next month trying to get that next "great" hit to make a fortune. They won't realize until it's too late that they are probably making only $2 for every $3 spent.

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