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President Letter Patches Needed!!! Topps American Heritage 2009

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Hey everyone! So i'm new to the Sport's Card Forum but definitely not new to the card collecting world. Some of you know me as cfeaster86 on ebay or catscollectibles86 on Instagram. I'm trying to complete a personal collection that I have loved since it came out. I'm looking for letters from Topps American Heritage 2009. They are the single letter cards spelling out each president's name numbered /50. I'm willing to buy or trade to complete my PC. I'm interested in all of them, but specifically i'm looking for:

James Monroe - "R" & "O"
Jimmy Carter - "A"
James Madison "M" "A" "D" "S" "O"
Franklin Pierce "P"
Rutherford Hayes - "S"
John Adams - "A"
John Quincy Adams - "S"
Thomas Jefferson "J" "F" "F" "R" "S"
Lyndon John "J" "H" "N"
FDR "R" "S" "L" "T"
Clinton "C" "L" "N" "O" "N"
Warren G Harding "H" "R" "I" "N"
JFK "K" "N" "E" "D" "Y"

please email me at if you would have anything I might be interested in! Thank you!!!