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The Last Lap

Las Vegas Race Weekend Thoughts...

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Well most of them are bad-I was extremely angry after the cup race for reasons we will get too later.

Nationwide race-good race-lots of wrecks though-Vegas is a tough track-everyone was losing it-Kyle Busch lost it (snicker lol), Jeff Burton lost it and a bunch of others-surprising since these guys are good drivers and i was expecting a kb vs carl duel again-oh well good points day for carl since he wrecked. Carl got 2nd to the Biff-awesome last lap and a half or so-glad he didnt wreck his teammate-it was close lol.

So not too bad of a Saturday.


GRRRRR-Carls car was great. Him and Jimmie, Jeff, and Greg were probably the four best cars-Jeff and Jimmie Screwed up, Greg got caught in the pits-and Carl was in 2nd with 60 to go-alright!-alas-his pit crew left a lug nut loose and he had to come back in to pit lane-restarted tail end of longest line-so whod that leave-everyones god kyle busch of course who made quick work of old timer JB and Bowyer on old tires and quickly pulled away from everyone-carl drove all the way up to 4th spot-when on the last lap-his motor decided to eat it just like 2 other roush cars-WTH!!!NBB CQER BBNVRVB REVB REV BREWV-cndslk nwfeokvbn werlvg-I was about to lose my mind-GAH! How uber lame!

So my least favorite guy won, carls pit crew cost him bigtime, and then he blew up-what a crappy day.

A few kudos go to:

Logano-good job-stayed in top 15 all day-finished the race without wrecking.

Gilliland-top 15 in a poo poo car-nice job.

Im still gonna be in a sour mood until next week though-roush better figure it out-if ya remember ATL Spring last yr-2 cars had a chance-Carl and KB-Carl had a 10 sec lead with 54 to go and went kablammo allowing kb free sailing to win-if it happens again im flying to NC and fixing the dang engine myself! Seriously.