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Sealed hobby boxes from 2006 thru 1998 and prior.

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Good evening,

This is my 3rd attempt at listing. I have a list I can email you. I have over 300 sealed hobby boxes....mostly fb...from 2006 thru 199?. I just returned from my deployment and realized that the cards from Berks County, PA store were never sold like I thought. Need to sell. They were in a climate controlled storage, and I will entertain partial or entire collection. I have thousands...10s of thousands of singles also.....$30K plus in value, looking to sell, and help put daughter through 1st year of college....amongst other house expenses after being away for some time. Our loss is your gain.

Dennis Leh

Much was purchased from Lou brown cards, dacardworld, bocacards, topps and UD DISTRIBUTION DEALERS...STEEL CITY CARDS, Supercards, also Fleer Sky box Distributors.


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    [QUOTE=Moss84;bt3933]ILL TAKE A LIST[/QUOTE

    I am not able to upload....eme at, and I can send you the 5 page list.

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    id look at a list too though I know nothing of football, I love opening boxes lol