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Selling Wax & Sets on Amazon

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I have a very large inventory of unopened/sealed wax boxes dating back to the 1970's. I currently don't sell on Ebay and have been told I might have more success selling on Amazon. My collections includes graded packs/wax dating to 1974 along with plenty of junk to high end wax through the early 2000's.

Does anyone have experience selling this type of product on Amazon? I have all 4 major sports. I'm looking for suggestions as to what sells best as I have a mix of almost everything (including 1000's of sets/subsets both sealed and hand collated). Any recommendations would be much appreciated. I have a full time job and don't have the time to list, package and ship my own products. I have no problem giving a percentage of the sales for Amazon to do everything for me. Thanks in advance for the insight!