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Tom Flores (11/6): Nice! I literally saw this address on another address and thought I should send him my Suoer Bowl Supermen Card of him I had. I found the SB XV Card in a stack and thought I should send that one too! The first person I’ve sent more than 1 card to, so I’m glad he Signed both!

Joe Theismann (11/8): WOW! I got really lucky on getting his for FREE! I heard he normally charges $40, so he must have really liked my letter!

Dan Hampton (11/10): I was in West Virginia when this letter got back so I had to wait a few days to open it, and it drove me nuts! Yes, I know that I, a Packers fan, sent a autograph request to Dan Hampton, a Bears player, but he’s one of the few Bears players I actually like! He put a different inscription on the 2 cards I sent, so that’s pretty neat! He put “99” on the ‘89 Topps and “HOF 2002” on the ‘89 Pro Set.

Henry Ellard (11/13): Very cool! There’s a official autographed version of the card I sent him (2018 Classics), and it’s #’d of 20! I can now (technically) say that I have a autographed card #’d of 20!

Matt Snell (11/13): OH YEAH!! Ohio State success!!! Being from Central Ohio, this is a huge victory for me! He even answered my OSU questions in red pencil and added a “I-O” after my “O-H” at the end of the letter!

Willie Lanier (11/13): Honestly, I only sent this one out because he’s a HOFer. My uncle is a huge Chiefs fan, so he was excited to hear that I got his autograph! Lanier even answered my questions, even though he signed the same side he answered the questions on. Odd, but still awesome!

Aneas Williams (11/16): It actually took me 3 months to figure out how to pronounce his first name right and I still feel bad about it. It pronounced “a-NEE-us”, not “A-neeus”. He also put a bible verse on the card, so I got to go look it up and it says “That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord”, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”(Romans 10:9)

Joe Schmidt (11/16): Yes, I know I already had his autograph on a index card, but I only sent a second one out because I finally found a card of him. A 1959 Topps if you’re wondering. Pretty cool to have a autographed 60-year-old card in my collection. Speaking of which...

Pete Retzlaff (11/17): I sent a 1959 Topps to Retzlaff too! He signed it in sharpie this time, as opposed to signing it in ballpoint pen last time. Nice to know he’s still signing at 87 years old!

Cliff Harris (11/19): Great! I honestly forgot I sent a letter to him... He even answered my questions about the Cowboys!

Jan Stenerud (11/23): My 70th Success!!! It turns out that I now have 2 autographs of him, because 4 days after I sent out the letter to him, I went to the NSCC and bought a signed 8x10 of him. I still feel kinda awkward about that.

Jeff George (11/26): I forgot I sent one to him too. I thought it was Jeff Garcia when I got it back. He sent me a cool testimonial card too! Really nice guy :)

Larry Little (11/27): #FinsUp! My dad is a huge Dolphins fan, and I’m 85% sure that the fact that he can get Larry Little’s autograph is gonna get him into TTM Autographs!

Jamaal Williams (11/29): WOOOOOOOOO!!!!! My 1st NOT-Retired player!!! Still waiting for him to see my post on Twitter though (SHAMELESS PLUG @StarrsCards)

Ed Meador (11/29): The 2 best parts about this one is that A). He accidentally put “To Jan” instead of “To Ian”. (Probably not his fault, I mean he is 81) and B) when I asked him what the NFL was like in the 60’s, he said “We respected our opposing players and we did NOT kneel for the National Anthem.” Wow. I had no idea that even the retired players were talking about that...

Scott Hunter (11/30): Very happy This one came back, as I may or may not have forgotten to put a return address on the envelope...

Bill Parcells (11/30): Very glad this one came back a success, as I had already tried to get his autograph, only to be hit with the dreaded yellow sticker. Sent a 1990 Pro Set SB XXI Card and a ‘91 Score SB XXV card. Got both back signed and personalized.

Bert Jones (11/30): Check out my other post (New Best Return???) for the details, but in short, Sent 2 and got 4 back!

Lee Roy Jordan (12/1): The night before I got this back, I watched the Cowboys vs Saints game, and saw all the Cowboys Ring Of Honor members with Gil Brandt, and I saw him among them! Pretty cool!

Eric Metcalf (12/3): Nice! At least he actually noticed the post on Twitter! (ANOTHER SHAMELESS PLUG @StarrsCards)

Dick Anderson (12/6): Yet again, my dad is a huge Dolphins fan, and was glad to hear I got his autograph (especially seeing how he gave me the card I sent to Anderson)!

This is probably gonna be the last post I make in 2018, as my mid-terms are coming soon, so Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza, and have a Happy New Year!


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