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The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

One Year...

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...4,152 posts, 108 complete trades later...

I've been on SCF for one year!

I remember joining last year and one of my first posts were about the World Juniors... what a great year! I thank everyone who I've traded and made friends with. Here's to another year!


  1. ashley832's Avatar
    Thats quite an accomplishment in a year! Congrats! :)

  2. Pheebs888's Avatar
    Pretty good going in one year Houng! I dare you to double the pace and complete 216 in the next year lol ;)

  3. Inferno's Avatar
    Congrats on the milestone Houng!
  4. quiet-things's Avatar
    Thanks Ashley, Karine & Kevin!
  5. johan29lhp's Avatar
    good work, keep it up!
  6. Captngeetch's Avatar
    One day.....One day you beat me by !

    Love ya QT !!