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Superlative Bleu, Blanc et Rouge - Details

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In the same line of thoughts, a big part of the January excitement will come from the release of ITG's Superlative Bleu, Blanc et Rouge. Just like last year's Superlative this is a rather limited set but instead of 3000 books of 7 cards, there are only 1000 books. What else is so special about it? Well, as indicated by the name of the set, it is entirely dedicated to the Montreal Canadiens who are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year.

I got confirmation today that I will be receiving a book of these and I absolutely cannot wait! Have a look at the type of cards the release includes:

Each of the books will include one Modern base card (which includes a patch which seems to be the centennial one), one Vintage base card, one special insert card, one famous fabrics card, one auto plus card and two hard signed autographed cards. That's right, none of that "on average" crap..with Superlative, you know what you are getting!

For more info, have a look at ITG's product information page:

Wish me luck with my book!

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  1. cards-gotta-go's Avatar

    Superlaive 07-08 was 3,000 books, not 10,000.

    Good luck with your break. Hit a monster card.
  2. Pheebs888's Avatar
    How very right you are! Entry amended thanks for pointing it out! and thanks for the good luck wishes!
  3. Enigma's Avatar
    Oh...could "Precious" be in there for you...or does that only strike from your favorite box seller?