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Game 6...a little after it was over...

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Alright, the Penguins won game six to end the series with the Flyers! They won the game 5-3 and came back from a 3 goal deficit.

Wonder who they will see in round two.

Instead of a video I will use this for today.


Ok in other series news
Canes vs Devils is even at 3-3
Hawks vs Flames has the Hawks at 3-2
Rangers vs Caps is even at 3-3
Ducks vs Sharks has the Ducks at 3-2

Now onto some Zack news.

My roller team won this week, our first win. The final score was 6-5.

Also, I bought my first hockey box since January. I worked for the last couple days to pay for my new box. The box I will be breaking is a 2008-2009 Between the Pipes. It is my first ITG product box break, and I have seen some really nice stuff from it.

Well thats all.



  1. Pheebs888's Avatar
    And when will you be breaking it Zack?
  2. zPens87z's Avatar
    I think it will get here sometime later this week. And it will be a live break.
  3. TysonX504's Avatar
    on video?
  4. zPens87z's Avatar
    Hmmm, I might have to set up a couple things to to get the camera with the right light and etc.
    But maybe...