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Cardshow Reviews and Hockey Thoughts.

Lexington Kentucky National Guard Armory 5/2 and 5/3

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Just got back from the Lexington National Guard Armory. Well for a second straight month the show has yielded some hockey. So I have to say I love days like this. As I picked up the following cards at this show:

A lot of game used from the $1 box minus the Greg Ellis that came out of the (6 for a $1 box). Not bad when you can get a small lot and beat any ebay price due to shipping cost that one would incur.

Some Steeler vintage along with some refractors (6 for a $1 box).

Some Baseball vintage and hockey (6 for a $1 box)

Baseball vintage (6 for a $1 box)

Hockey lot of UD Young Guns (6 for a $1 box) except the Kessel that was in the 3 for a $1. I didn't argue on that point as I was very happy as the card books $30.

In total I spent $3 on the (six for a $1) box 18 roughly and $5 for the game used as the dealer gave me a deal for buying so many. So I spent $8 and still was under the 30 percent on the Phil K rookie alone. Have to love days like this. Last month it was a awesome lot of Jeff Carter rookies in the (six for a $1 box) and the Phil K this month. I can only look forward again to the show to hope the dealer brings some more hockey.

I encourage anyone that likes to hit a decent show as it only $15 dollars per table and has a decent crowd. If you want specifics on the show as a customer or a dealer just ask as I can send you to people that can give you their honest opinion.

Ever feel like dropping by the card show drop me a line love to meet new folks and just talk about the hobby.