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Chicago White Sox

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Is it, or does it seem everytime Contreras pitches, we give up ridiculous amounts of runs..?!
I really can't stand Jose Contreras. Last year when he was injured.. (vs the Red Sox.. in which I happen to be at that game) I was actually rooting for him to get injured.. :sign0020:
IMO Javier should of stayed & Jose should of been the one packing

Updated 05-19-2009 at 06:56 PM by TheRoseBull



  1. wolf1bh's Avatar
    just waht i thought! what up rose i'm in wheaton. i like your fave players and i am a huge sox fan!
  2. TheRoseBull's Avatar
    hey wats up? nice to see a fellow Chicagoian here! what hobby shops are by you? Just curious because the only one by me is in Naperville (Chicago Cards)// which is 20 mins away