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The Preparation is underway

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Well, my wife and I recently made the decision to take our house off of the market. There were a number of factors that went into this decision, none of which I will share in this space.

One of the fallouts from this will be the fact that I will be adding a "mancave" to the basement. I will have 4 areas in the remodelling of the basement, a closet area for Liv's Toys, a bar/poker room, a family area and a utility room.

Over the next bit, I will be adding pictures to what it looks like now and pictures will be added as things are getting done.


  1. senrab's Avatar
    Will you be making a Sabres room?
  2. scottkoz20's Avatar
    Part of the area (if I have my way, will be painted in Blue and Gold! :)

    However, I need to find spots for my Biron Jersey and my Bro-in-Law's ECHL Nailer jersey
  3. cnshockey's Avatar
    probably best to take the house off the market anyway...not a good time to sell. have fun with the man cave!
  4. Walter Sobchak's Avatar
  5. scottkoz20's Avatar
    Andy - The one thing about Buffalo/Niagara is that the bubble that occured in other parts of the country never happened here. As such, housing prices have said stable.
  6. senrab's Avatar
    However property taxes are absolutely through the roof.