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The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

First TTM Success!

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I was really excited to see one of my own envelopes in the mail today, my first through the mail success! This puts me at 1 / 4. The player is: Karl Alzner. The only thing is though.. since this is my first TTM success, I'm not sure if this is normal. The auto I got looks really different from autos on UD and ITG cards.


(I have two)

His ITG auto:

From searching around Google, I've found these Alzner autos IP and TTM:

Am I making a fuss over nothing? I should just probably be thankful that I finally got one back! Oh and it also looks like I didn't put enough room for players to sign

Thanks for reading!

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  1. FrankToronto's Avatar
    Looks to me like you got a nice signature from him. It looks closer to the UD card and the IP/TTM autos appear to have been done with more effort than they were for the manufacturers.

    The ITG one looks like it may have been one of the last stickers he signed. :)
  2. quiet-things's Avatar
    Some things look completely different though - the numbers and the "K"

    How did the Expo go, Frank?
  3. HammerHawks's Avatar
    Congrats! Many players chose to change their autos when signing IP/TTM. I have an IP Ovy AU and it doesn't look like the UD/ITG "IE...8", still, CONGRATS though, he will be a gem.