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Making Members Offer

Rating: 3 votes, 3.67 average.
I really can't stand when a seller makes me make an offer. He should be making an offer because he's selling it so should be setting a price. It's almost like a "Best Offer" auction on eBay. It's hard to make a rule against this but I doubt anyone except the seller likes when that happens.


  1. SteakNchop's Avatar
    I just voted it excellent.
  2. GrimUSMC's Avatar
    Do you know how to write??
  3. SteakNchop's Avatar
    Do you have a problem?
  4. GrimUSMC's Avatar
    Dude talk about a year and a half later. I do not have a problem with you, but your post maes no sense at all. Read it again, and then try to figure out what you are talking about because I sure can not.
  5. GrimUSMC's Avatar
    that should say "makes", not maes
  6. wpt02790's Avatar
    I say make me offer because I dont want the *public* seeing how cheap i would go..and I generally want the card to go to someone that is NOT going to resell it.