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The work has begun!

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Today, I spent a good portion of the day moving stuff out of the basement and into the Garage, other rooms of the house, or just straight into the trash.

A couple of the highlights was getting rid of some old electrical wiring, in which I now have a line that I can run some additional lighting if need be.

I also decided what aspect i'm going to start with. Ok, the decision was made for me. I found a couple areas of the cement floor that are not 100% level. Because of this, if I were to put the wall up first, I would run the risk of having walls that were not level (or plum).

Thus, I'll be starting with the subfloor. I'm going to be dropping a bundle on a product called dricore ( However there are 2 things I love about this product.

  1. I will lose only 1 inch of space
  2. The product allows for air flow... much less chance of mold

The one thing I don't like about it, the price. Lowes and Home Depot have it for $6.78 per 4 sq.ft section. The area that I'm starting with is 26ftx15ft, you can do the math!

Time to find me a 10 or 15% off coupon.

I won't be doing much during the week as I have a few obligations at night that will not allow me to proceed. So, my next update will be next weekend.