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Most people don't really understand the level of variance involved in a case or a single box from a print run of 500-1000 cases or more.

I've bot 20 single boxes of UD NBA product in the past year: 3 MJs, LBJ/10 and Bird/Magic auto'd to 5 Black.

I've bot 32 boxes in cases, and gotten the bare minimum and poor 'a' autos: 3 Durant, Magic, Erving, Garnett and one LBJ/Carmelo. Lowest one was # to 10.

Not a single Kobe or Russell in the bunch. No 1/1s. So I'm either very lucky, or very unlucky, depending on how you look at it.

So, you can never buy 2 boxes, 1 case, or 5 cases and tell if the product is full of good stuff or not -- it's just not possible to tell without seeing at least 15-20% or more of the print run. After all, we know there's going to be tons of base and never-play rookie autos and jerseys. Don't be surprised when they come in your box!