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Variance is good and bad...

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Well, for the first time ever I got a good case from Upper Deck after loser cases of Black last year, 3 Ultimate, Chrono, and 2 Exquisite yielding ZERO great cards, zero MJs, Kobes, Russells, Birds, 1/1s, tonite it tilted back in my favor:

Stockton 1/1 auto!
Rose/Beasley dual to 25 auto,
Beasley to 50 auto'd jersey piece,
Russell/Elgin/West/Oscar to 1!

So after 11 boxes, I have 5 'A' autos + the Stockton. I should have stopped after 9 boxes but you'd hate to miss one. Of course, I ended up 3 Waltons him in an Exquisite Case last year too, sick.