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The Chase

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"Why I am Drawn to Set Collecting in Basketball (The Short Answer)."

As many in the basketball forum have come to know, I love parrallel sets in basketball. When I was was a child, the first parallel set I tried and failed to collect was a Baseball Topps Gold set in the mid-nineties. After this failure, I continued to collect non-sports sets as a child and in high school. While I was in college, the obession subsided.

A magical year happened in basketball though, 2003-2004. Lebron, Melo, Darko, and Wade were the cream of the crop and I thought I would invest in some of their lower end parrallels. This turned into a 3 year quest to complete 03-04 Bowman Chrome base refractor set. The obession died for awhile since many of the rookie classes after 03-04 did not hold to their standard.

Another amazing rookie class, 08-09, has made the obession return. Since I completed this 03-04 set, I thought I would make it much harder for myself. I am now building multiple parrallel sets from Topps products. I can only hope for two things for this not to happen again. One: Panini doesn't make another good parrallel set like Topps. Two: A rookie class like this one doesn't happen for another five years.

I think I will keep people posted about progress from time to time and my thoughts about the addiction of set collecting.

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